The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) provides compensation benefits to injured federal employees. According to the law, any federal employee who suffers an injury related to their duties on the job is entitled to compensation that covers ALL of their medical expenses. This “ALL” includes several things that are sometimes overlooked:

  1. Travel expenses to and from medical treatments. Injured employees are not responsible to cover the cost of the commute when it comes to their medical treatment. It is important to keep an accurate travel log of your commute to and from your medical provider.

  2. Home services. In some injury cases, individuals are in need of services around the house like cleaning, laundry help, etc. In most cases, these expenses can be covered.

  3. Vocational rehabilitation. If the nature of an injury prevents an injured worker from returning to their previous job, the OWCP will cover the cost of vocational rehab in order to help injured workers return to gainful employment.

Don’t miss out on valuable compensation benefits that could help you during your recovery. You might just find that some of the expenses that you’ve been covering out of pocket are eligible for compensation.

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Finally, don’t forget that all medical expenses are covered, too. This includes prescriptions, medical treatments, therapeutic treatments, and any other rehabilitative treatments or services that are required.