There are several requirements and steps to successfully filing CA-2 Claim if you’ve been injured on the job as a federal worker and the importance of the Employee Statement can not be understated. In many cases, the Employee Statement is a crucial component in winning your workers’ compensation case. So what makes up a quality Employee Statement?

A quality Employee Statement is detailed and thorough. The goal is to make sure that you establish an understanding of your regular, daily job responsibilities and how long you have maintained these responsibilities. It is important to remember that the readers of your report likely have no previous understanding of what your job entails and you are trying to give them a clear picture. This is why it is important to be detailed and thorough.
After providing a clear picture of your daily work activities, it is important to provide a clear picture of your injury and the factors that contributed to that injury. This will allow you to make a clear connection between your work responsibilities and your injury. A clear connection to work-related duties is important in establishing a valid workers’ compensation claim.
Finally, it is important to give a robust picture of yourself by providing information about hobbies that in which you participate outside of your work for the federal government and, generally, how long you have been a federal employee along with how long you have been performing the tasks related to your injury.
Once you have completed your Employee Statement, get someone who is familiar with the OWCP claims process to read over it and provide you with feedback. Taking the time to do this part right can help avoid a lot of obstacles along the way. Take your time and make sure you cover all the necessary details; you’ll be glad you did.