As an injured federal worker, you are entitled to various reimbursements and payments. Most, like medical bills, rehabilitative services fees, and prescriptions, are obvious, but others are lesser known.

One of the lesser known reimbursement entitlements for injured federal workers is the mileage that you incur travelling to your medical appointments, rehabilitative treatments, medical testing, and even trips to the pharmacy for medications. Of course, all of this travel must be related to the injury you sustained while working as a federal employee, but the entitlement is available.
In order to get mileage reimbursements, you will need to fill out the form OWCP 915 Medical Reimbursement Form. It is important to note that travel reimbursements are only valid for up to one year after the date of travel. If you are driving back and forth a lot to receive medical care, it is a good habit to track your mileage regularly and file your reimbursement requests on a rotating six month schedule
Injured federal workers have many rights and entitlements and it always helps to make yourself aware of them. The mileage reimbursement can help to offset the stress of going back and forth to treatments and offset the increase in your gas bill and wear and tear on your vehicle.
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