When it comes to injury-causing hazards in the workplace, it seems hard to imagine a more grueling schedule than that of a Major League baseball player. Playing three-hour long games 162 times a year (not including the playoffs) is enough to wear and tear down the toughest of bodies. Major League Baseball players experience an incredible amount of injuries every year ranging from plantar fasciatis, to pulled muscles, concussions, broken bones, deep bruising, and shoulder injuries. Among all players, it seems like the pitchers are the ones that are most often injured, whether it be in their shoulder, elbow, or forearm. Most MLB players go to great lengths in conditioning and weight training in order to prepare their bodies for the grueling season, but it is inevitable that every team is going to experience several injuries throughout the marathon year from being hit, running into the fence, or experiencing the slow breakdown of a muscle or tendon..

Many of the players that suffer from shoulder and back issues are now seeing chiropractors outside of their team’s doctor to find relief and healing for their work-related injuries. Several reports have surfaced lately of injured players seeking adjustments and other alternative treatments for their nagging injuries.

However, it is not only those that play baseball at a professional level who are need of injury care. Weekend warriors, beer league softball players, and fast pitch softball players also often find themselves injured from playing the game they love. Those who suffer from such an injury can find excellent injury care at Work-Med.